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Sun Yat-sen University, Professor or Associate Professor in Marine Sciences

South China Sea Resource Exploitation and Protection Collaborative Innovation Center (SCS-REPIC) has been recently established in Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China. SCS-REPIC invites applications for several faculty positions at Associate Professor and Full Professor levels.

Position Offered: Dean, Fuli School of Food Science and Engineering (FSFSE) of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU)

Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), known as Nanyang College founded in 1896, is one of the nation’s most renowned higher institutions. XJTU was among the first group of universities in China funded by the Project 211 and Project 985, with the goal of becoming a world famous university.

Nanchang University Invites Professors in Neuroscience

The Institute of Life Science (ILS) of Nanchang University invites applications for two positions as Professor. Nanchang University is a comprehensive university that has been designated as a national “211” university by the Ministry of Education. The ILS was established in 2010 with a focus on neural development, synaptic plasticity and brain disorders. Located in a newly renovated building with state-of-art lab space, animal facility, and essential shared equipment, the ILS offers a stimulating and rewarding environment for cutting-edge research.

Hunan University Hunting for Talents from home and abroad

Hunan University is located in Changsha, a historically and culturally renowned city in China. Situated at the foot of the picturesque Yuelu hill and on the west bank of the rippling Xiang River, it has a beautiful campus. It is a key comprehensive university affiliated with the Ministry of Education, China and included in China’s “211 Project” and “985 Project” for priority investment and construction. The university, dating back to Yuelu Academy founded in 976 A.D, experienced the time changes of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties for more than one thousand years and has committed itself to fostering talent people for the society.

Opening of the Director’s Position and Faculty Positions in the new Institute of Health Informatics at Peking University

Peking University is establishing a new Institute of Health Informatics that aims to advance research and teaching in all areas of health informatics.

Nanjing Tech University-Overseas Talents Recruitment

Nanjing Tech University, with a history of more than one hundred years, is a multidisciplinary university with a particular strength in engineering. Aiming at excellence and innovation, Nanjing Tech University is set to become a first-class research university with a global vision.

Jinan University Recruitment of Chang Jiang Scholar and Thousand Young Talents

Now situated in Guangzhou, Jinan University was formerly known as Jinan School established by the Qing Government in 1906 before being moved to Shanghai and renamed State Jinan University in 1927. During the Anti-Japanese War it was moved to Jianyang Fujian and relocated to Shanghai in 1946. In August 1949 it was incorporated with Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University and reconstructed in 1958 in Guangzhou. Jinan University enjoys a 108-year history since its founding in 1906...

Shenzhen University Recruitment of Principal Investigators for Its Newly Founded Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in the Shenzhen University is a newly established institution, consisting both undergraduate and postgraduate education and emphasizing on interdisciplinary teaching and research. The institute is a special academic zone inside the university but its operations and managements will follow the established rules and procedures used in most of the institutions in the world, independent of the current system in the university. The Institution is now recruiting its senior and junior principal investigators worldwide until all the following positions are filled.

Employment of Southwest University (in Chinese)

Southwest University (SWU) is a key comprehensive university, under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education.SWU is situated nearby the beautiful Jialing River, and is located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, a state level scenic spot, in Beibei District, Chongqing Municipality.

Faculty and Postdoctoral Positions in the area of Economics, Political Science, Education, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science...

2014 China Universites Online Job Fair

The editorial of CHISA and China Education Online( will jointly host 2014 China Universites Online Job Fair on May 25th, 2014. Recruiting for the qualified talents who want to find a job in Chinese universities, especially the ones who are interested in participating in” Chang Jiang Scholars Program”. More than twenty Chinese universities will take part in this online job fair. Recruitment time: network video recruitment :7:00-24:00 (GMT+8:00), May 25, 2014, Recruitment targets: Research scholars and PhD

Nanjing Agricultural University Faculty Recruitment Notice


The Zhongshan Scholar Program is a new NAU initiative to support career development and innovation for leading scientists of today and tomorrow. Recruitment is divided into four categories: Zhongshan Distinguished Professor, Zhongshan Leading Professor, Zhongshan Leading Researcher, and Zhongshan Young Researcher.

Global Recruitment of First-Rate Researchers by Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology


Positions Offered by

Center for Earth System Simulation
Center for Data Assimilation Research and Application
Yale-NUIST Centre on Atmospheric Environment
Climate Dynamics Research Center
Pacific Typhoon Research Center etc.

Employment of Capital Normal University (in Chinese)

Faculty Positions in the area of Political Science, Education, Mathematics, Chemistry, Electronic Engineering, Materials Science...

Employment of Wuhan Institute of Technology (in Chinese)

Recruitment of The Chang Jiang Scholar Program & 1000 Talents Program.

Academy of Fundamental and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology

The Academy of Fundamental and Interdisciplinary Sciences (AFIS), founded in 2005, is an endeavor of HIT to build the fundamental, interdisciplinary and cutting-edge disciplines, and works hard to create a free academic environment for cross-discipline integration.


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History of Science and Technology, Biology, Materials, Computer Science and Technology, etc.

Research Positions at NCMIS (National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences, CAS)

Based at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) of CAS, the National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences was founded on November 24, 2010 as part of the “Innovation 2020” program launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). NCMIS aims to establish a national research platform for interdisciplinary cooperation between mathematics and other research fields, including information technology, economics and finance, advanced manufacturing, materials and environment, biology and medicine, physics and engineering.


Information Technology, Economics and Finance, Advanced Manufacturing, Materials and Environment, Biology and Medicine, Physics and Engineering

Employment of Peking University

Employment of Tsinghua University

Employment of Shandong University

Employment of Hunan University

Employment of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Employment of Sichuan University

Employment of Northwestern Polytechnical University

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